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Monday, May 22, 2017 5:00 PM
Week 1 - Car Cruise

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Monday nights from May 22nd through October.

The event location is being moved for the 2017 season due to construction in the Riverfront Mall area.  The new location will be in the city lot across from the Sheraton.

More information coming soon.

Thank you,

Don Sitts

2016 Event Details

Monday, September 19, 2016 was a perfect weather day as we are winding down the cruise season. Hopefully, we can get in the last two cruises on September 26 and October 3. The door prizes have increased through the season and the 50/50 has been very successful. Don't miss looking at the winners for each week with the pics of their cars.


Monday, September 12, 2016 was a picture perfect evening for a cruise. There were many spectators, as well as, cruisers. The 50/50 was close to $800.00 with many fantastic door prizes given out. Let's see you all at the last few cruises of the year - September 19, September 26 and October 3. Remember how the weather changes and we are not able to cruise until spring!!


It was a very upbeat and crowded afternoon and evening. Cruisers were out having a great time on the holiday arriving earlier than most Monday Cruise Nights. The 50/50 was given to the organization for Cancer Cure and was quite successful. It was a fabulous night!

Photos Available!!!


Riverfront is winding down as the holiday in approaching. Don't forget, the Cruise will be held ON THE HOLIDAY, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2016 and continue thru September and first part of October as long as the weather permits.

Just another perfect evening for a cruise! We were at capacity again due to the absolutely beautiful weather day. We had over $650 in

In case you didn't hear - when the city of Cuyahoga Falls starts tearing the Front Street Mall apart and making it two-way traffic, Don will hold the Riverfront Cruise very close by located at St Joseph Catholic Grade School off Broad Blvd only a block north of our current location. We will keep you informed as the time passes. Feel free to call Don Sitts Auto for information next spring to inquire what is happening.


It was a night to remember at Riverfront Cruise In. We had a packed house with every space taken with a cruiser. So many cars and so little time left if you have not been to the Don Sitt's Riverfront Cruise in Cuyahoga Falls. Lots of door prizes given out along with the 50/50 being $1,198.00. If I didn't mention it the weather was perfect!



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What People are Saying about the Riverfront Car Cruise

Best cruise anywhere. Never miss a Monday unless it rains. Thank you Don Sitts & all the volunteers for doing such a wonderful job.
- Joe Hambrick
Cuyahoga Falls
Love your cruise I come almost every week. I am the organizer for the Garrettsville Cruises that started in 1988 by Roger Angel of the Dairy Queen. I became involved with him in the begining and together we have kept them going strong. Most people do not realize how much time and effort it takes to make it a successful event. I go to many car shows & cruises and yours is by far my favorite. Keep the good work. Also love Aloha Phil, Great DJ.

- Rick
Garettsville Village, Ohio
Don, What a great Website ! ...

- Al
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