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The 1924 Dodge Brothers Touring Car

Sep 15

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The Dodge Brothers, Horace and John, worked for Ford in the early days making transmissions for their cars. In 1914, they decieded to produce their own car. They were very successful and became a leading car manufacturer in just a few short years. They supplied cars for World War I and quickly gained notoriety as producers of very reliable cars. Both brothers died in 1920 within a year of each other. The widows kept the company going with help until 1928 when Walter P. Chrysler bought it.

This is a 1924 Dodge Brothers touring car. 1924 was a transition year for Dodge Brothers. the car's top was lowered to reflect modern trends to a sleaker design. Late in 1923 the hood was raised and the car was fitted with more stylish headlights. The car has a 210 CID 4 cylinder motor that produced 35 horse power. Top speed of this car is 45 to 50 MPH. It has a leather interior, hickory spoke wheels, a vacuum fuel pump, and a 12 volt ignition system original to the car from the factory.

This particular car was previously owned by former Chrysler Chairman and CEO Lee Iacocca. According to Mr. Iacoca, this car was given to him by the Michigan Chrysler / Dodge dealers for his 60th birthday shortly after he saved Chrysler from certain bankruptcy. When Mr. Iacocca moved to Los Angelis, California, he took this car and a Model A Roadster with him. He later sold both cars to Mr, McKusker, the owner of Viking Fasteners in California. Financial troubles caused Mr. McKusker to surrender both cars to Mr. Jordan Law in Trabuco, California to help settle a debt. Mr. Law sold the Model A roadster and a year later offered this car for auction on Ebay just to liquidate some of the debt settlement. That is where we found the car.

The car came to us non-running with no compression. After removing the head, we discovered that the valves were stuck. We freed the valves and put the motor back together. The car started and after a few hours of rough running, it began to smoothe out and purr like a kitten. We cleaned up the car and stained the very faided original top. We have enjoyed driving the car in local parades and also promoting the Iacocca Foundation seeking a cure for diabetes.

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Re: The 1924 Dodge Brothers Touring Car

Our family of Dad, Mom and nine children, of which Al is the youngest, grew up on a farm with dirt roads near Farwell, NE. With chains on, the '24 Dodge Touring would never get stuck in the mud. On cold winter Sunday mornings with sub zero temperatures my parents would heat bricks in the oven of the wood burning cook stove in our house over night and Dad would place the bricks in the gravel pans on either side of the motor about a half hour or so before we would start off to church. The oil thinned and the 12 volt starter-generator always got the motor running. Too bad Dodge didn't make heaters back then, but we alll survived anyway. I'll be 79 in May, my oldest sister will be 99 in August. Thanks for the memories.

By Al Knoepfel on   4/19/2011 7:33 PM

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