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These fellow cruisers definitely need to be commended for pouring their hearts out for Howard (Glen) Snyder who has been fighting for this health for the last few years. Howard was forced to sell his home and go to a Assisted Living Facility recently. This left his 48 Chevy without a home. You see, Howard's mom & dad's first car was a 1948 Sedan Fleetline purchased at Lymans Chevrolet in Kent. Howard's looked just like it and he was going to restore it when he bought it back in 1992. He worked on it in 1994-95 as time and money would allow. This 48 Chev with a 454 Engine was Howard's pride and joy finishing it down to the chassis. Then Howard started with illnesses he could not control. Diabetes took one leg and if that wasn't enough, Howard was diagnosed with cancer and has been fighting for his life through chemo and radiation. At the same time, he was caring for his 100 yr old mother who recently passed.

Tuesday nights during the winter a group of local cruisers meet for dinner awaiting the good weather to return. Missing Howard's presence, they decided to lift his spirits by taking the 48 Chev to Mark Schlarb's shop in Atwater were they could start working to get it done. Mark has supplied tools, machining, equipment & his talent. It would not have been possible without all the fellow cruiser's time. (Mark Schlarb, Rich Brothers, Joe Wasielewski, Bernie Thompson, Bob Miller, Neil Ruhl, Chuck Haller, Bob Olds, Kerry Scarlett, Larry Pennell, Frank Moore, Anne Davis) Asking for donations on Tuesdays dinner meetings, there was an overwhelming response. The fellow cruisers worked, joked and just plain had fun knowing they were doing something for a fellow man (cruiser). It has given Howard something to look forward to. Often people look back and say, I wish I would have but these cruisers decided to do it.

Howard has a sparkle in his eyes now and cannot wait to see the results! This great kindness is keeping his spirits up awaiting spring to take the 'cruise of his life."

Thanks to business who contributed! Don Sitts Auto Group (chrome plating bumpers), Kenny Rod Shop (parts), Paul Spry (interior), Ben Schlarb's Strip Master (sand blasting), Jack Lewis (parts), T-Mac (machining), & a local Auto Paint & Supply.

Donations would be greatly appreciated. Forward to: 5th 3rd Bank, Benefit for Glen Snyder or contact Joe Wasielewski at 330-677-0860.

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